Ascendis managed 6000 projects in Oraroo


Bucharest, 25th June 2021

Quickly after implementation, Oraroo has become the basic tool for planning and monitoring project execution. It led to increased customer satisfaction by scheduling the sessions and the most suitable trainers, directly by the account manager, as well as by eliminating situations of loss of opportunities due to overlapping resources or communication errors. It also reduced the effort of administrative management of billing records.

Ascendis, one of the largest training and consulting companies in Romania, has a team of 100 people, mostly consultants / trainers, who generally work independently on short-term projects (for several days). Planning training deliveries requires a very large operational effort from the support team and sometimes without the expected results, having a potential negative impact on the relationship with customers.

Oraroo was implemented in Ascendis beginning of 2020. The platform allows the planning, directly by the account managers, of the trainers for the provision of training sessions. Communication with consultants regarding reservations and schedules is done in Oraroo, as well as automatically, in their agenda in Outlook.

The implementation of Oraroo has made the delivery process deterministic and sustainable, without increasing the need for administrative effort. Situations of loss of opportunity due to resource overlap errors or communication errors were also eliminated.

In addition, part of the administrative effort could be refocused and the records of the trainings performed and not invoiced were made. In this way, a systemic approach of the invoicing process and elimination of the associated delays was obtained.

The adoption of the internal use of the platform, made Oraroo become the basic tool for planning and monitoring the execution of services in projects. Thus, the Ascendis team managed for delivery more than 6000 projects in Oraroo.

“I have known Cristi and Bogdan, the founders of Oraroo, for many years. Our professional lives have intersected in the past with large companies for which we have worked together on successful projects implementing business software applications. So when they told me about Oraroo, their work management, project and HR automation solution, I was very interested.

What I liked the most was the fact that our needs were quickly resolved in the functionalities of the platform, which gives us a better planning of internal resources and a record of the allocation of consultants on each project. At Ascendis we have more than 100 consultants, 200 projects in parallel, and Oraroo allows us to have a clear record of the workload and availability of our employees.

After the first days of working with Oraroo, I decided that “what is not in Oraroo, does not exist!”. We have been using it for 1 year now and it is very easy to use, intuitive, at very affordable costs. It is integrated with our Microsoft environment and is in the cloud, so we do not need IT staff. “Said Andrei Goşu, Managing Partner at Ascendis.

 “We appreciate the Ascendis team’s trust in Oraroo and are excited that in our long-term collaboration, we are delivering solutions that increase productivity and allow you to focus worry-free on growing your business,” said Cristian Mindricelu, coFounder Oraroo.

About Ascendis

Founded 23 years ago, one of the largest training and consulting companies in Romania, Ascendis currently has business lines in training, coaching, consulting, team building, microlearning, HR, LSS, and Agile certifications.

Regardless of the diverse and complex requirements of the requirements, Ascendis combines in its services modern methodologies and learning tools together with experienced consultants.

About Oraroo

The remote work model of creative and professional service companies requires solutions for work management.

At a time when so many companies are looking for productivity gains, by centralizing information in a single holistic and real-time vision, the risk of over-allocation is eliminated and project managers are empowered to make proactive decisions.

In the same context of remote work, employees need to be facilitated with easy access to work-related information, as well as rapid and digital management processes to maintain a high level of involvement.

Addressing the above needs, Oraroo aims to improve the operational and financial performance of professional service companies and unifies in a single system project management, resource management, contract pricing and billing, labor administration, business intelligence and existing systems integration.

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Ascendis managed 6000 projects in Oraroo
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