Oraroo one of Top startups at Startup Grind Europe

We are excited to announce that Oraroo has been selected by @StartupGrind into their Startups to Watch – 2021 Accelerate Cohort (~5% from 3k+ startups), for their Europe Conference held on 29-30 June.

More info on the Conference here

What is Oraroo ?

With a team with experience in business and technology in developing processes and software solutions for managing and streamlining processes in large companies, Oraroo brings to growing or medium-sized companies some of the capabilities that large enterprises have, in term of software solutions and platforms for digitization and automation of internal processes.

The main solution is the Oraroo cloud platform, an integrated operations management and human resources administration solution for professional services industry.

On the one hand, Oraroo helps managers in consulting and outsourcing companies:

  • to keep under control the company’s projects, to manage the delivery capacity and to optimize their profitability;
  • to integrate operations with personnel management.

On the other hand, Oraroo helps managers and human resources managers in companies whose employees work with computers:

  • to eliminate the situations in which the employees feel negatively the complicated administrative processes and the lack of visibility of progress on their requests;
  • to reduce the effort associated with the repetitive activities of the employee administration, but also to avoid the manual correction of erroneous data, in order to ensure legislative compliance

Oraroo is the platform for companies of 50+ employees who want the full project portfolio and resource overview, in one integrated system.
Oraroo aims at improving operational and financial performance of professional service companies by uniting project management, resource management, contract pricing & billing, workforce administration, business intelligence and integration with existing systems

Why now?

Remote working model of creative and professional service businesses requires solutions for managing work.

The dramatic disruption to working practices caused by Covid-19 leads to evolution of the workplace. Remote work will stay even part of hybrid work models in other business as well.

At a time when so many businesses are looking for productivity gains,by centralizing information into a single, holistic and real-time view, work management software eliminates the risk of overbooking and empowers project managers to make proactive decisions.

Creative business and professional services industries are particulary affected by this paradigm shift in work models. They are currently redesigning all processes related to make hybrid work effective.

In the same context of remote work, employees need to be faciliated easy acces to work related information, as well as quick, digital administration processes in order to maintain a high level of engagement.

Oraroo aims at providing a complete solution for these all needs now.

A better way to manage work!

Oraroo one of Top startups at Startup Grind Europe
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