Advisority tracks140,000 billable hours in Oraroo


Bucharest, May 25, 2021

After 1 year of implementation, in the context of the rapid expansion of its team, Advisority maximizes the benefits of Oraroo functionalities. It substantially reduced the effort to collect data for billing services and completely eliminated the manual effort to achieve payroll inputs. The management of the company can focus without worries on the growth of the business, having the tranquility of flexible human resources management processes and in compliance with the labor legislation.

Advisority consultants in information technology generally work in teams, on projects with mixed typologies with variable duration. The administrative team made a great effort to collect data / information with the preparation of the timetable for salary calculation as well as monthly invoicing to customers.

This manual effort became disproportionately large when errors occurred and additional corrections and checks were required. The company’s rapid expansion has accelerated the need to transform from a manually managed process to an efficient and completely digital one.

Oraroo was implemented in Advisority at the beginning of 2020. The platform allows the planning of project consultants, and they focus on these allocations. This information is the source of data for monthly invoicing. Due to the integration with holiday information, the prerequisites for correct invoicing are met.

The adoption of the internal use of the platform, together with the rapid expansion of the Advisority team (up to 70 people), made Oraroo the basic tool for managing the effort made in projects. Thus, the Advisority team counted 140,000 billable hours in Oraroo.

The implementation of Oraroo has reduced by 80% the effort to collect data for monthly billing. Additionally, based on the same data set, the monthly time stamp for salary calculation is automatically obtained and this effort has been completely eliminated. At the same time, the potential overtime to be compensated in the next 30-60 days, previously completely manual activity, is also managed.

“I have known the founders of Oraroo for many years since I worked for the same companies implementing business software applications. So when they told me about Oraroo, their work management, project and HR automation solution, I was very interested. At Advisority we do not have an extensive Human Resources department, a large part of the services being outsourced to the accounting and payroll company.

What I liked the most was the fact that Oraroo offers the automation of human resources management processes, thus helping us to comply with the legislation and to have everything in order. In addition, it provides us with better planning of internal resources and a record of staff allocation for each project. At Advisority we have over 70 consultants and around 20 projects in parallel at any one time. We have been using Oraroo for 1 year and it allows us to keep a clear record of the volume of work performed, essential for correct and timely invoicing.

From the first days of work, Oraroo was easily adopted in the organization. It is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, although rich in functionality and at very affordable costs. I especially recommend medium-sized professional services companies working on projects, want to digitize work management processes, and have a flexible HR team focused on the aspects of administration with maximum added value for the business “said Toni Calugaru, founder and CEO of Advisority

“Oraroo appreciates the trust of the Advisority team and is excited to continue to build a long-term partnership,” said Bogdan Marin, co-founder of Oraroo. “We continue to evolve the Oraroo platform to allow managers of growing or medium-sized companies to focus worry-free on growing their business with the peace of mind of flexible human resources management processes.”

About Advisority

With headquarters in London and the largest delivery center in Bucharest, Advisority also has a presence in Boston, Munich, Vienna, Craiova & Pitesti and has over 70 specialists with a high technical training. In 2020, the company managed, in addition to maintaining its operations at a stable level, to ensure a new portfolio of clients, so that it estimates a doubling of the turnover for 2021.

Advisority is a technology and business consulting service provider that supports organizations in achieving their business objectives through information technology. They specialize in the banking financial sector, offering high quality services in the following fields: Digital (Innovation Agile Prototyping, Tailored Software Solutions, Business Process Automation), Data (Data Governance, Data Architecture, Master Data, Data Integration, Data Warehouse & BI, Document Management and more) and delivery (consulting, outsourcing IT services, SW / Hw procurement, configuration and support and professional services – local, nearshore or offshore consulting or IT delivery)

Advisority successfully manages to combine their strong exposure to the latest digital trends, processes and automation technologies with the values, vision and mission of their customers.

About Oraroo

With a team with experience in business and technology in developing processes and software solutions for managing and streamlining processes in large companies, Oraroo brings to growing or medium-sized companies some of the capabilities that large enterprises have, in term of software solutions and platforms for digitization and automation of internal processes.

The main solution is the Oraroo cloud platform, an integrated operations management and human resources management solution.

On the one hand, Oraroo helps managers in consulting and outsourcing companies:

On the other hand, Oraroo helps managers and human resources managers in companies whose employees work with computers:

  • to eliminate the situations in which the employees feel negatively the complicated administrative processes and the lack of visibility of the progress on their requests;
  • to reduce the effort associated with the repetitive activities of the employee administration, but also to avoid the manual correction of erroneous data, in order to ensure legislative compliance.

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Advisority tracks140,000 billable hours in Oraroo
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