2020 September Release Oraroo


September brought new features to Oraroo!

Because Oraroo is constantly evolving, we want to keep you posted regarding all the improvements of the platform.

With the new release earlier this month, here are the new features we’ve implemented:

  • Planning your team on project activities

From now on, you can organize your team according to the activities they carry out on a certain project.

At a project level, several activities can be defined, which can be assigned to your team members. Through this functionality, both you and your team will have a better view of the tasks to be performed, depending on the project.

  • Timesheet on project activities

Based on the new functionality mentioned earlier, your team members will be able to register their timesheet depending on the project activities which they’re assigned to.

The timesheet registration will be much simpler, when your team members will know exactly on which activities they need to register their spent effort, and you will get a more effective report at the end of the month, when you want to check the effort of your team, depending of project activities.

  • Office Location Planning and Attendance Report 

If you are an HR Manager / Assistant or Team Manager, with Oraroo you can plan the Office Locations from where employees work.

They often work from various places: either from home, telework, from the client’s or company’s headquarters or secondary offices. Especially in the current period, the answer to the question “Where is X?” it can take time, whether it is formulated by a colleague or the direct manager.

All you have to do is set up Office Locations for clients and company headquarters / secondary offices, then you can continue with employee’s Office Location planning.

My Team Calendar will help you to efficiently set the Office Locations, depending on the activity of the employees, which takes place either from Home, from the Client’s or Company’s Headquarters / Secondary Offices. At the same time, the employees can check the Office Location planning for themselves and team members or other colleagues, from a team or company perspective.

Thus, there will be a clear visibility on the Office Location where the employees carry out their activity and the planning of their activity, in the future.

Based on the planning performed in My Team Calendar, it will be possible to generate the Attendance Sheet for all the company’s employees, which is legally required.

  • Generate documents from Templates

Because we wanted to make your job easier, Oraroo gives you the opportunity to generate model-based documents, such as certificates, statements and leave requests. These documents are generated from an Employee and Leave request level.

Employee: The HR Manager / Assistant can generate certificates and statements, based on personal and employee data previously registered in Oraroo.

Leave request: If it is necessary within the company for employee leave applications to be printed and signed, both the employee and the HR Manager/Assistant can generate this document.

Planning and monitoring your team’s activity can be done much more efficiently with Oraroo. We are constantly evolving, so follow us to be updated with all the new features we implement.

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Oraroo. Productivity and peace of mind is for small and medium companies too!

2020 September Release Oraroo
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